Behind the back foot 17/03/15

Top of the morning to you all!

I’m forced to say this as it’s what ALL Irish people say that on St Patrick‘s Day. I’m in rant mode today, so watch out world- Get your own patron saint and celebrate that then!! Don’t be stealing ours. Oh, and if you are standing on the touchlines, don’t give the poor ref dogs abuse hey!! They are just human, they do make mistakes, and shouting at him won’t make him feel any better about anything!

This happened to me at the weekend. What did I do? I walked off. I did make some mistakes, but not nearly as many as the 2 teams involved. But to be shouted at by a “coach” is totally unacceptable. What does this say to his team? I had a half back mouth off at me, and I put him firmly in his place. I had a centre come along and give his views. The soccer mentality is slowly creeping into our game. It was a friendly game, nothing at stake, just go out and let all participants, including the ref, enjoy themselves!! T.R.E.D.S. people!





SPORTSMANSHIP. Continue reading Behind the back foot 17/03/15

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Six Nations Round 4 Review – Should The Points Table Scoring System Change?

Six Nations Round 4 was championship defining with the Welsh win over Ireland, not only keeping themselves in the hunt for the Six Nations title, but also leaving England with a shot at the title with the best points differential.  This sets up Six Nations Round 5 for an epic final day of games with the three leading teams playing against the three bottom teams with not only victory required, but a large margin is also needed.  Should the Six Nations retain the table scoring system with two points for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss or should they change to be inline with the Southern Hemisphere tournaments with bonus points for four tries and finishing within seven points but losing?

The current table scoring system makes things interesting in the Six Nations, but doesn´t encourage teams to score four tries.  Out of the teams on six points from three wins, England has the best points differential with 37 points, Ireland 33 points and Wales 12 points.  England hosts the toughest opponents in France, while Ireland has to win by more than four points more than England when they travel to Murrayfield to play Scotland, while Wales still has a shot at the title, but must win by 25 more points than England and 21 points more than Ireland, but that isn´t out of the question given that Italy has been handed some big losses this season.  Continue reading Six Nations Round 4 Review – Should The Points Table Scoring System Change?

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Super 15 Rugby Round 5 Review – 10 Things We Learnt

Super Rugby Round 5 was a great one for the New Zealand teams let’s look at 10 Things We Learnt during Super Rugby Round 5.

1)  Four out of five New Zealand teams won in Super Rugby Round 5 and the only team that lost, the Blues, were playing another New Zealand team in the Hurricanes.  The best part of this is that the wins for the Chiefs and Highlanders were against two of the best non-New Zealand teams in the competition in the Stormers and Waratahs.  In contrast, the Sharks were the only South African team to win in Round 5, and they played the Cheetahs.  Two Australian teams won, with the Rebels and Brumbies winning away, they both played local derbies against Australian teams, maybe it was a good thing with such a dominant weekend for New Zealand teams.

2)  One look at the table suggests that the New Zealand teams are looking dangerous, with the Hurricanes being the only unbeaten team, while the Chiefs and Highlanders are fourth and fifth.  It is amazing how despite their slow start to the season, the Sharks are in the Top Six.  The scary thing for other teams is that New Zealand could be more dominant if the Crusaders beat the Cheetahs next weekend which is highly likely, then New Zealand could be in an even stronger position to dominant Super Rugby 2015. Continue reading Super 15 Rugby Round 5 Review – 10 Things We Learnt

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